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FITA Academy is a name to count on with respect to Software Testing Course in Anna Nagar!  There are many companies like Bitcoin, Uber, Fitbits use recent trends such as Big Data which in turn makes software testing play a vital role in the industry. Hence, choosing Software Testing Course in Chennai to learn will be a great start for your career.

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  • FITA Academy has well trained experts in the field who take classes.
  • You will get 100% free assistance in placement.
  • Students will get hands-on experience with various tools.
  • Nuclear batches for giving individual attention.
  • Thorough knowledge on the topics covered.

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  • ASQ

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Overlook on Software Testing course:

Software testing is a cluster of similar technologies. It is majorly categorized as manual and automation testing. Manual testing as called refers to the testing done by software testers manually. On the other hand, automation testing is done by the usage of different tools. Software Testing Course in Anna Nagar will be the best place to build your career. There are skillful trainers Development of applications are becoming complex these days and thus making it more space for software testing. Some of the technologies, which has a made testing more necessary are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile application

Manual Testing

The software testers do manual testing in order to get the errors detected. The stages involved in software testing are:

  • Unit testing– Unit is considered as the smallest component in the parts to be tested. And the process which involves testing of individual units is called Unit testing. Sanity, smoke, regression are some of the unit testing.
  • System testing– In this the whole system is tested on a combined form.
  • Integration testing– This is the next level of Unit testing where individual units are tested are clustered and tested in a combined way. It is done in order to find out the defects when 2 units are combined.
  • User acceptance testing – This is considered as the final stage of testing as its done with respect to the usage in customer’s end with real-time plot.

Procedure for Manual testing:

  • Feasibility analysis – It is check whether all the requirements are fulfilled as per the client’s business requirement.
  • Creating test plan – For every new project planning is done to check the client’s requirement fulfilment.
  • Writing test cases – Software testers write both positive and negative test cases for various scenarios manually for the respective project
  • Executing test cases – The test cases must be written logically and executed on all the possible domain to avoid the failure of the model after the launch into the market.
  • Defect identification & Re-verification – When testing is completed the errors are send back to the developers for correction. Once again, developers fix the issue and resend to testers who re-verify the software.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is done with the help of tools. There are many Automation based testing- QTP, Selenium, Load Runner.

When to automate an application:

  • Frequent change of requirements is not possible
  • Used for load and performance testing
  • Huge project
  • Test of repeated areas

Benefits of getting into this course:

  • Aids to verify the objectives of the project is met.
  • Ensure the business standards are met.
  • Helps to handle projects with more efficiency.
  • Assist you to write test cases for every scenario.
  • Execute the test case for evaluation of performance.
  • Discover the risk associated with the project.

Future of Software Testing:

In a fast moving pace companies prefer quick outputs and this is the case with testing as well. You have innumerable options available as a software tester with various automation tools available:

  • Functional tester
  • Performance tester
  • Security testing tools
  • Test management based tools
  • Quality based tools

India is amidst the outsourcing hubs for software testing along with China, Philippines, etc. and considered a huge market due to ampleness of skilled labor. FITA Academy guides the students with placement assistance for Software Testing Training in Anna Nagar.


  • Black box
  • White box
  • Grey box
  • Unit/component/program/module testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing

Alpha testing is done on developer’s side before the release.

Testing performed by potential customers at their own locations.

Test case: This contains steps to be executed.

Test scenario: It is prepared actual testing begins which includes testing plans, testing environment.

Test script: It is used to test part of functionality and is written in a programming language.

It is prepared as per the requirements at the start of test case design.

  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary value analysis
  • Cause effect graphing


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