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Selenium is the testing framework which is widely used to automate the web application. Selenium is the open source tool which is used for the Machine driven and internet driven applications which works across different platforms and different browsers. World is moving fast and automation of the websites, product or process is becoming mandatory to stay in the fast pace of the business world. FITA Academy provides the best Selenium Training in Anna Nagar.

The Selenium course is suitable for the beginners with conceptual understanding of manual testing. After the Selenium Course in Anna Nagar the students will get thorough knowledge to use selenium web driver along with the languages like Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, C# and Java script. Core java is introduced to the students as a part of course and after the completing the course depending upon the project requirement the learners learn multiple programming languages.

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Selenium Training with FITA Academy

  • Selenium Course will give detailed knowledge about the different concepts like IDE, Grid, Git hub, maven and frame works which help to communicate with the web elements through browsers. Selenium Training in Anna Nagar gives good coverage of all the components and provides the latest version in Selenium.
  • The different automation elements in the websites like the website login, web forms, website navigation, loading time of the page, internal link of the website, data search in the website or data entry in to the website are automated in the website with the Selenium tool. Students learn intensively about this tool with the Selenium Course in Anna Nagar with FITA Academy.
  • The difference between functional testing, load testing and business process testing are well understood by the end of the course. Testing is the general term in the software industry and there are enormous tools designed to maintain the quality of work.
  • The same functions of the website are tested in the multiple platforms with less time using Selenium tool. The advantages of using the Selenium and the vast demand for the Selenium developers are well known after completing the Selenium Training in Anna Nagar.
  • Selenium professionals may work with companies where there is need to test the web application. To promote the business and online products the companies maintain a quality website with Automation testers. The placement support from the FITA Academy is helpful for the students to get the experience of attending the interview and we provide constant support to the students to help the students from interview point of view.

Selenium automation tool has good scope due to the following reasons

  • Automation testing saves time
  • Automation testing handles big volumes.
  • Automation testing provides accurate results.
  • Automation testing saves the money.
  • Automation testing provides better results and improves the productivity.
  • Selenium use GUI library and integrate the different frameworks for functionalities. Selenium delivers the flawless applications and improves the user experience. Join the Selenium Course in Anna Nagar to use the tool effectively in the upcoming projects.

Challenges faced in the Selenium projects

The conceptual knowledge of the Selenium tool will not solve all the problems when handling the project with Selenium. Practical knowledge is essential to apply the knowledge and solve the problems. Let us get the exposure of the challenges faced by the experienced professionals when using the Selenium automation tool. Join the Selenium Training in Anna Nagar to know about the practical problems in handling the project with selenium.

  • The dynamic elements are difficult to handle in the web automation. The regression testing with Selenium improves the performance.
  • The tester should have the logical skills to handle the complex elements with algorithm skills.
  • Selenium deals with the source code only not the UI elements. The size or structure of the screen is the biggest challenge when using the Selenium for the web automation.
  • The implementation of the send keys made the execution of the test slow. If handled this with customization then the time gap is managed when using Selenium. Join the Selenium Course in Anna Nagar to gain in-depth knowledge in to Selenium and apply for the top jobs in the companies.

Career growth for Selenium professionals

Software testers hold hierarchy of jobs like test executor, test designer, junior tester, senior tester, technical tester and test manager. By improving the delivery and minimizing the test cycle the business clients receive the return on investment with less time. Selenium is used by the sales force companies and artificial intelligence companies. Microsoft, IBM, thought work, Linked in, Google and Mozilla are the giant companies using the legacy tool Selenium. Join the Selenium Training in Anna Nagar to join big company as Selenium tester.

The communication skills, time management skills, passion towards quality, problem solving tactics, team coordination, and analytical skills are some of the skills needed for the testing professionals. Selenium Course in Chennai is suitable for the beginners and experienced professionals. Technical skills comprises of the knowledge about Linux commands, knowledge about the database and SQL, knowledge about tracking the defect, and experience with management of the test process are some of technical skills required for the testers. ISTQB is the certification needed for the manual testing professionals and for automation testing the certification and the knowledge both are duly given importance. The demand for the testers is on rise in many small and big companies to maintain the quality in the process.

Myths about testing

Job Role

It is believed that only in some company’s developers and testers work separately and in some companies developers take care of the testing. Testing is the profession which is generated in almost all the organizations to improve the quality. Selenium Training in Anna Nagar is the best training to clear all the doubts related to the selenium tester profession.


There is another concern raised from the learners that developers are paid good salary than the testers. The fact is both are different domain and testing is like backbone to any production. The skills of the tester and the skills of the developer are different. Programming domain needs more logical thinking whereas the testing domain needs the communication skills and less logical thinking to some extent. So, after heap years of experience testers can change their profession to Devops or cloud computing platform. Join the Selenium Testing in Anna Nagar to get salary hike in the current company or switch over to the testing profession with good salary.

Nature of job of tester is repetitive

It is believed by many newbie’s that the job of the tester is repetitive and managing the maintenance part of the application. The job is more related to understanding the business and understanding the dynamic aspect in the business. Learning many new tools and trying for new things makes the job interesting. Though it is repetitive it gives the sense of understanding the different types of businesses and the real time problems with different types of businesses. FITA Academy is the best place to learn Selenium Testing Training in Anna Nagar and join FITA Academy to become an expert in testing.


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