Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar

What is Hadoop?

Data and big data are the related terms in the digitalized economy where everything is getting in to the cloud environment and demands for the secured layer. The data usage is helpful to mine the gold mine information to improve the production, to enhance the sales revenue and to manage the administration. The unstructured data and semi structured data are comparatively high than the structured data in the organizations. Join the Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar to get trained for opportunities in to the Hadoop development and hadoop administration professions.

In case of the air lines industry many flights travel to different destinations and the data from the flights for the arrival is essential to take care of the administration work. In case of companies who manufacture consumer goods the data usage of the customers gives idea about the taste and preferences of the customers. Hadoop help for the elimination in the cost for the terabyte of data with the World Wide Web. Cognizant, Infosys, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Facebook and Twitter are some of the big companies using Hadoop and exploring the software for advancements.

Some sort of companies uses the customer data to predict the sales and forecast the strategies to improve the sales. The best example is the financial products and the financial products consist of data related to the companies which are used to predict the financial market with fluctuations. Thus data is used in the big industries like the manufacturing sector, financial sector and aviation industry. FITA Academy is the best center in Anna Nagar and join FITA Academy for the Big Data Training in Anna Nagar.

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What are factors which makes FITA Academy as the best?

There are different types of roles in the Hadoop platform like hadoop administrator, Hadoop architect, hadoop ETL developer, hadoop tester and hadoop analyst. The formal training and the counseling will give idea about the professions suitable after completing the hadoop training. Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar with FITA Academy is the best place to learn for a bright future.

  • Best counseling which relates the individual skills and the different professions in the corporate companies. The counselors know about the competition in the job market and accordingly guide the joiners. Do not delay for an enquiry and speak to our counselors to know about the job market and the specifications of the Big Data Training in Anna Nagar.
  • Trainers are the persons who make the subject as easy with clear interpretations. The interest and the passion to explore are the contributions of the best trainers from FITA Academy.
  • Mere theoretical knowledge is not enough to attend the interview. Interviews are conducted to check the practical knowledge and the communication skills. Join FITA Academy to face the interviews with confidence.
  • After heap numbers of experience in to finance, data analysis, risk analysis or programming then career change is essential with an upper hand to the technologies. Hadoop is suitable for the developers and administrator to learn. Step in to FITA Academy to take a switch over in the professional life with Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar.
  • The content of the course makes the understanding of the real time problems and gives clear picture of the technology.

Is it essential to know programming knowledge for Hadoop?

Java or any other programming language like PHP, C, C++, Python , PERL, and . Net is essential for joining Hadoop course. Data base knowledge like SQL or statistical tool knowledge like Excel or SAS will help to understand the concepts of hadoop easily. Hadoop is the combination of tool used for different purposes in the organizations and after completing hadoop the learners have choices to enter in to different professions. Hive is similar to SQL and the candidates with SQL knowledge can easily learn Hive. Big Data Training in Anna Nagar helps the students with the basic core java programming and then provides a detailed explanation of Hadoop.

Features of Hadoop

  • If there is hardware failure then hadoop works as it is written on large computer clusters.
  • Data is accessed from multiple paths and if there is network failure then also the performance is good. Join the Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar to know about the features of Hadoop.
  • The output of data is huge and the processing is with batches to give accurate figures.
  • The data ranges from gigabytes to terabytes and Hadoop is suitable for big applications.
  • Computation of data with Hadoop is easier than moving data to another environment.
  • New hardware is added to the node without any down time and it makes it as easy to use
  • Applications which need write once and access from many points use Hadoop for the data management.
  • Hadoop is the software with open source option from the Apache foundation.
  • The robust system from the Hadoop foundations is suitable for the analytics.

Tools used in Hadoop

Spark, Impala, Map reduce; Mahout, and Hive are the different types tools used in Hadoop. Spark is used to extract the data, query the data and use cache. Spark provides library for the streaming, machine learning and for processing the graph in the data analysis. Apache Impala aids for the business analysis with the SQL analytics. Map reduce handles large set of data with fault tolerance. Mahout provides the machine learning algorithms for the artificial intelligence. Hive is used for querying the data using SQL and has different types of storage like RC files, ORC, plain text and HBase. The need for data analysis surpassed the usage of legacy systems and invented the modern tools to use the data effectively. Join the Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar to gain comprehensive knowledge in to the emerging Hadoop technology.

What is the future of Hadoop?

Hadoop has evidential proof from the big companies that it is better than the traditional data base system. The cost of subscription is also comparatively low which attracted the giant companies and will have a good demand in the coming years also. The accelerating data will use the large amount of data with Hadoop for managing the big volume, velocity and variety of data. Hadoop professionals are demanded in all the big organizations and the salary is also high as per the demand for the Hadoop professionals. If you are passionate about the hadoop developer or hadoop admin job then this is the right time to enter in to the Hadoop profession with an effective course. Join the Hadoop Training in Anna Nagar to make your passion and dream come true. The analytics is the new trend and expected to evolve in the IT market with more than one third in domination. So, professionals with analytics knowledge will definitely have a good future.


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For every AWS account 100 buckets can be created by default. And additional buckets can be added by the submission of increase in the service limit.

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