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Tally is the course for understanding the financial accounting in business transactions. In the arena of Accountancy financial accounts is largely used in the companies with small operations and medium company operations. Corporate accounts deals with the operations of the public limited companies and cost accounts deals with the manufacturing company. Thus financial accounts is used to record and calculate profits from the day to day operations. Tally Course in Anna Nagar with FITA Academy explains about the different types of vouchers and transactions in the day to day accountancy. The figures arrived after the calculations give the accurate profits and tax values.

Corporate accounts is used for dealing with shares and amalgamation. Cost accounts is calculated to calculate the price and decide about the budgeting of the product. The basic accountancy starts from financial accountancy and Tally Course in Chennai will open up the job opportunities to the learners after completing the course.

Why FITA Academy?

The specialized training with FITA Academy will educate the learners with perfection and after completing the course the placement record says about the knowledge that the learners have acquired after the training. The pros of learning the training from the pioneer training institute like FITA Academy are listed below. Join the Tally Training in Anna Nagar and experience the best training for the accounting software.

  • FITA Academy trainers are selected after the formal interview in which they are asked to take the demo class for the Tally Course. FITA Academy management believes that the updated syllabus and experienced trainers are the reason for the success of the course. So, we offer the best trainers in the industry.
  • The real time projects are the best part of the course to get the exposure to the challenges while doing the job. We provide the best projects which enhances the practical knowledge.
  • The interview arrangements and the mock interviews are the best part to clear the interviews. The purpose of joining the course is to get placed in the top companies and we know the performance metrics of the big companies.
  • The pleasant environment only enhances the learning habit and learning is like meditation. We provide the holistic environment with the peer approach to learn intensively. Tally Course in Anna Nagar help huge number of students to get the certificate and gain clear idea about the accounting procedures.

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Job opportunities after completing tally course

Tally is used for payroll, billing, accountancy, sales, profit calculation, tax calculation, VAT, TDS, audit of Bank inventory and TCS. After the introduction of the ERP version in tally, it is used in large group of industries for its operations and legal compliance. Administration, Accountancy, auditing, and financial analysis are the multiple areas in which the tally software is used. For the ERP9 candidates the qualification generally expected by the companies are B.Com or M.Com. Or B.A-financial management. Certification with Tally is given paramount importance to get placed. Join the Tally Course in Anna Nagar to get the certificate which highlight your bio-data from a group of bio-data. The qualification, experience and certificate all the three aspects are equally important to get a decent job in the financial sector. Step in to the FITA Academy for Online Tally Course and step out with a job as accountant or administrative executive in top companies.

Business transactions recorded with tally

Some of the accounting operations recorded by the tally are calculation of the interest, profit centers, cost centers, cheque issue management, handling the different types of currencies, E-payments, preparing the balance sheet, calculating the profit or loss and calculating the different types of taxes. Tally Course in Anna Nagar clearly explains about the business operations in detail with the best trainers. The advancements in the accounting system and taxation system vary periodically during the budget of the state. So, learning the basics makes the application of the knowledge easy. Tally software is user friendly, simple, highly competitive and easy to do the customization. Tally is also helpful in recording the business transactions of foreign companies with foreign money. This is very helpful to track the profits from the foreign business. The difficulty in recording and grouping is difficult to understand without a proper guidance. The formal training from the Tally Training in Anna Nagar with FITA Academy will prepare the young graduates to the highly responsible jobs.

Benefits of using tally for manufacturing company

The inventory management is the challenging task in the manufacturing company which is handled smoothly with the tally package. The goods are classified as raw material, finished goods and work in progress. This is easy to know the production cycle and the time taken for the raw material to change as finished goods. In the manufacturing industry the components used for the manufacuring are wide and this can be solved with the bill of material function in the tally software. The new item and the quantity of item undergoing production are clearly added and the manufacturing expenses like the water charges, wages, and power are added to get the final manufacturing cost. This process of recording the process help to manage the mundane task in production very easily in terms of money.  Join the Tally Training in Anna Nagar to know about the usage of tally software in the manufacturing companies.

Benefits of using tally for small businesses

Managing expenses is the important part in financial management. If the money spent for the expenses are well known then only the new expenses can be analyzed and accordingly plan the other expenses. The budgeting is important aspect in the small business operations as money is used for the circulation and unexpected expenses have to be anticipated before itself. Payments are the second biggest thing in the day to day operations. Collecting the payments with the right time is essential to avoid bad debts. The payment policy is analyzed to collect the payment promptly with the help of tally software and the regular follow up calls also becomes easy with the automated tally software. For the bank operations and audit purposes the supporting documents are very important. With the usage of tally the documents are properly maintained. Join FITA Academy for the Tally Course in Anna Nagar to use tally effectively for improving the profitability in the small businesses.

Importance of Tally knowledge for CA students

Accountancy has multiple streams and finance is the basic one whereas auditing is the advance one. Tally knowledge is very useful for the CA students to understand the business operations. Tally and Tally ERP 9 gives in-depth knowledge to follow the guidelines of accounting and do the customization of the business transactions within the prescribed guidelines of tally.


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