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English is the most taught and sought language for the education and job. English is the language which is always thought as one step forward to freedom and modernization.  Are you passionate about English language? FITA Academy provides the best Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar to empower the language skills and we help every individual to speak flawless English language.

Do you think that the source of information is enough to gain the knowledge of literature? The answer is certainly not possible. You can acquire the basic knowledge from the information but to gain the advance level knowledge or to explore the language from different perspective it is essential to enroll for a formal training.

To know about the methodologies used or materials imposed to groom the English language join FITA Academy training institute. There is a myth all around to consider now that the candidates with subject knowledge will have average knowledge in languages. It is true to some extent as both are different types of interest. Subject knowledge and English knowledge are totally different and to scale up your English knowledge join hands with FITA Academy for Spoken English Class in Anna Nagar. Learning subject for the subject knowledge and learning subject in the English language have different approaches.

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Course Description

Why to learn spoken English from FITA Academy?

  • The language training is not theoretical, but practical in FITA Academy because of the materials used. Join the Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar Chennai with FITA Academy to learn in a practical way.
  • The language experts know how making the class interesting. Spoon feeding and continuous assignments make the students feel the boredom. We have trainers who are good in teaching with peer approach.
  • The counsellors are the first reachable person next to the trainer and they provide the convenient timing to the students. They connect the trainers and the students.
  • We engage the students from different locations and we have customized training as online training and fast track training. If you are inclined to complete within short time, then we arrange for that also.

Demand for English language all over the world

The demand for the foreign languages which are studied in large numbers are English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and German. Natural language learners will have a passion to learn in big numbers and if English is familiar, then it is easy to learn German, French and Spanish. Let us provide some insight into the topic that why there is huge demand for English? Join FITA Academy in Spoken English Class in Anna Nagar Chennai and join the global community of English learners.

  • From the learning perspective, the knowledge of English makes the learning of other foreign languages easily.
  • From the travelling perspective, if you have reason to travel to many countries then English is the common language which help to understand the different personalities around the world. Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar is helpful in travelling to the foreign countries.
  • From the cultural aspect, learning foreign languages gives the sense of cross culture and initiates a new way of thinking. Speaking more than one language is good for the brain functioning also.
  • From the job perspective, multi-national companies use English as the business language and hence to improve the economic conditions, it is essential to speak English in MNC companies.
  • From the education perspective, English is the medium of education and understanding English will improve the learning capacity and learning opportunities in foreign countries.
  • From the perspective of entertainment, English language is used in multiple media like TV, movies, books and internet. To enjoy the current happenings and gain the exposure from the media English knowledge is essential.
  • One research says that countries with a skilled population speaking English get more foreign income and increase in the GDP rate. Seamlessly globalization and English knowledge contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • The Demand for English language is increasing in countries like China. Technology is disrupting the way we think and do. So, learning language is essential to use the cream of the crop. Join FITA Academy for Spoken English Class in Anna Nagar and become an expert in the English language.
  • The salary of the teachers in the schools are predicted as 70 percent of the administrative cost and thus as the learners are increasing the teachers are also increasing in numbers to support them in the English language. Thus the demand for Spoken English is always high.

Formal and informal vocabularies in English language

There is variations in the formal language and informal language in English. We use English in our day to day life and for Education. The different forms of English is the beautiful, charming dress of English in reaction to the different scenarios. Join the Spoken English Class in Anna Nagar to know about the beauty of the English language.

Let us provide a glimpse of examples of the formal and informal words used in English. The beauty of the language provokes the readers to learn regularly and create idioms and phrases of their own in the English Language. Obviously as English is the universal language it is the language of creativity for non-native English speakers.

Request and need

The usage of request and need explains about the formal and informal speech. “FITA Academy understands the request of the students and handle the students with care” is the formal speech. “The trainers understand the exactly the student’s need and they take the class as per the student’s learning needs” is the informal speech.

Gain and Get

Get is the informal language where receive or gain is the formal language. After the demo class students get to know about the training quality with FITA Academy is the informal speech. After the training the students gain comprehensive knowledge in to the spoken English is the formal speech.

There are three levels such as beginner level, intermediate level and advance level for the Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar at FITA Academy. Talk to our counsellors to know which level is suitable for your knowledge ad purpose. Spoken English will transform you as a social person and knowledgeable person. In a dynamic economy where the education and job are perceived as influential to the global market it is essential to learn the foreign languages and manage the huge competition. Join the best training center FITA Academy and proliferate your language skills.


Join our Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar and gain the complete command over the language on your preferred batches. We conduct both weekday & weekend batches to make it easier for every student to learn irrespective of time barrier.

It depends on the level you choose to start with Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar.

At FITA Academy we offer both weekend and weekday batches you can choose either as per your convenience. Moreover, timings can be discussed with our counselors in person.

We accept Cash, Card, Bank transfer and G Pay.


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