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Why the demand for IELTS Training is increasing?

The reason to pursue International English Language Testing System (IELTS) training and put in the tireless effort is to gain a big band to join the BPO jobs or to apply for the visa to travel to the foreign countries. The universities have specifications in the band score of the students depending upon the course which they apply for. The Training in Anna Nagar is started with a conviction to provide the international standards to complete the IELTS exam successfully. The Language is expressed in the art, fashion, media and the different professions available in a particular country and adapting the multiple abstract or manifestation is the best way to learn the language. Join the IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar to manage the high level competition and become successful.

The aspirants who want to travel abroad for the education or job to the countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada will apply for the IELTS exam. The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, and Saudi Arabia have more centers for IELTS now. IELTS is on impressive demand at Arab countries and China. The content for the IELTS test has been prepared after the research from the big universities partnership like the British Council, IELTS Australia, Cambridge University and IDP. Step in to FITA Academy for IELTS Coaching Center in Anna Nagar and the counselors will explain you about the training modules in FITA Academy.

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Course Description

Why FITA Academy?

  • FITA Academy train the students in all the parts of the language like reading, writing, speaking and listening. The grasping power of the students is well trained with the postulated syllabus. At FITA Academy we believe that the long term memory and short term memory are the reasons for the massive success. So, we fine-tune the memory and help to concentrate on the exam to score high band. FITA Academy is the best center for the IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar Chennai.
  • FITA Academy is the best institute as we know the slang of the students and the influence of mother tongue and regional language into the language. We handle the students with personalization and help them to change their pronunciation and reading habits.
  • Time is the biggest factor and challenging factor in the IELTS exam. If you want to complete the exam with the prescribed time and high score then regular practice is essential. The cadre of trainers at FITA Academy will change the slow performers in to fast performers.
  • Do not test your knowledge rather train your knowledge. Don’t indulge in the self-analysis as the IELTS test is not an easy task. Take the training to see the visible change in you and make your weakness as your strength. IELTS Coaching Center in Anna Nagar Chennaiwith FITA Academy will aid for a blissful future to the learners.
  • FITA Academy provides training for both the academic and general test. The test pattern and model questions are different for both the test. Languages are not only knowledge-based but it is also skill based. So, if you want the desired result then taking huge examples and material are the best ways to success.

Points to remember before taking the IELTS test

The reading, writing and the listening can be handled with the knowledge from the regular practice whereas the speaking part needs some level of focus towards the personality building. Try to start the conversation casually and keep the mind cool. IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar will boost the confidence required to take up the IELTS test. Explain the points with short sentences initially and then try for the long sentences. In the case of the writing part, the report for the pictorial presentation has to be handled with care as the report says about the idea behind the graph. Let us see some of the points to remember before taking the IELTS test.

  • Take the passport, pencil, pen and supporting documents needed to write the examination. FITA Academy is the best center to prepare you for the IELTS Coaching Center in Anna Nagar.
  • Time allotment for the different parts are like listening with thirty minutes, writing with 60 minutes, reading with 60 minutes and speaking with 11 to 14 minutes. Prepare the mind for the time and format of the test.
  • Each and every question can be handled with simple and advanced answers. So, plan your mind for the answers and accordingly organize the answers. Use a mixed language to impress the examiner and to focus on perfection.
  • In the writing sections, compare the items and support the answers with the current happenings. This makes the content interesting. Use the word families and best vocabularies to make the content rich in language.
  • Focus on all the parts of the language like the synonyms, grammar, pronunciation, spelling, short sentences, and long sentences. Add all the elements and test the relevance also to make it as reasonable and presentable.
  • The age limit for learning IELTS is 16 years and thus after completing the formal school education one can join the IELTS exam. Check the age limit before joining the course. The counselors at FITA Academy will explain you the eligibility and the scope of IELTS Coaching in  Anna Nagar Chennai.
  • The speed and accuracy are the two big parameters to gain big score. Both are achieved only through the formal training at FITA Academy.
  • Prepare stories on the different types of subject and link the stories to the questions. Linking the prior knowledge with the questions is gained after the comprehensive training from FITA Academy. 

Scope of learning IELTS Exam

IELTS is accepted in 130 countries and 9,000 institutions all over the world. IELTS is the gate way to study or work abroad. IELTS is mandatory to get the Visa or PR in foreign countries. To join the foreign universities IELTS academic is essential and to join the job IELTS general is essential. IELTS general is easier than IELTS academic. IELTS academic is conducted to test the broad range of knowledge in English. After completing IELTS the reading habit expands and eventually the knowledge about the news and media improves. Though exam is for the higher education or job the in-depth knowledge in English is helpful in procuring the high level general knowledge also. It is perceived that the English knowledge and general knowledge occur concurrently. The score or the band is the highlight to get the dream job in India or to fly to the most favorite foreign country for the aforesaid reasons. Join the IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar and leap forward to reach great heights in English language.


Join our IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar and gain the complete command over the language on your preferred batches. We conduct both weekday & weekend batches to make it easier for every student to learn irrespective of time barrier.

It depends on the level you choose to start with IELTS Coaching in Anna Nagar.

At FITA Academy we offer both weekend and weekday batches you can choose either as per your convenience. Moreover, timings can be discussed with our counselors in person.

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