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French is the language for accurate grammar, vast vocabulary and logical interpretations. French people are the elite population with an expression of culture in the language. The sounds of French are vibrating sound and whispering sound. The French language will increase job opportunities with MNC companies and the French MNC companies have incorporated business in the sectors like the aeronautics, automotive, IT and retailing. Join the French Classes in Anna Nagar to become an expert in the French language.

Learning the French language is not only a source of information but creates a passion for the French-speaking people. There are four types of people who come to FITA Academy for learning French Classes in Anna Nagar and they are as follows one is for joining the sales procurement jobs in the French companies, to get a visa for the on-site jobs, to pursue higher education in a French-speaking country, or to learn out of interest. We entertain learners from different locations and different purposes. The syllabus, trainers and the training methodology is reviewed periodically and incorporated with changes to keep the course in pace with the learner’s demand. French is essential foundation to learn the other foreign languages like Italian, Portuguese and spanish.

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Course description

Why FITA Academy?

If you are an avid learner of all the languages and if you have goals to clear the authorized examination for the French then come to us. We are happy to help the learning community to prosper and progress. In the French language there are courses with specifications for the kids, teens, working professionals, adults, and French teachers. We offer the courses for entertaining the different age groups and the reach are good in terms of quality and quantity. Join the French Classes in Anna Nagar at FITA Academy to know the quality of training and the international methodologies in the training. The European standard for measuring French language proficiency is A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 level. These levels show the learning intensity and it shows the basics and advanced level literature of the French language. 

Inclination of learning French language

  • The greetings in the French language like Bonjour-Hi or Bon voyage are on rise in the recent past in the commercial and personal life style.
  • 75 million native speakers speak French and 263 million people around the world speak French as the second language.
  • There are so many words similar in the French and English like “ancient” as “ancien” and “proximite” as “proximity”.
  • Learning French will give the access to the media in the French speaking countries and learning multiple languages will improve the brain health as well.
  • French language is the second popular language next to English and it is widely taught as the second language in the schools. Join the French Classes in Anna Nagar to improve the basic skills in to expert language skills.
  • French is among the official language approved by the UNESCO. The six official languages approved by UNESCO are Chinese, Russian, English, Arabic, French and Spanish.
  • Speaking French language will improve the tourism industry. Millions of French speaking travellers visit India and to welcome the global population speaking French language is useful. Hospitality industry improves the revenue to India and the infrastructure of the cities is periodically designed to match the international standards.

French is not a difficult language

French is not a difficult language if the regular practice is imposed and taught with different perspective of the French language as it will make the language as an interesting language. There are huge cognates in French and English. Hence if the learner is proficient in the English language then French is self-explanatory and easy to learn. Exposure to the basic level of language and the difficult language is very important to learn any language. Only learned experts know what the challenging thing in learning a language is. So, join the French Classes in Anna Nagar to get exposed to the language. Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and Romanian are some of the languages which are close to English and it is easy to learn these language if you know English.

In the French language the pronoun, adjectives, verbs, and the subject should have an agreement with the gender. The French language connects every object with gender. Even chair, cake and table have gender in French language and memorizing these genders comes with practice to the students. Mistakes are the stepping stone to learn the language and it is the beautiful memory which corrects a person in a practical way. We at FITA Academy teach the students and correct them then and there with a professional explanation of the mistakes.

The different materials in FITA Academy for the French Classes in Anna Nagar aid to learn the French language quickly. The phonetic sounds, phonetic writings, audio visual materials and the discussions with native speakers will make the language as interesting. The pronunciation and the meanings are the challenging one in a new language and even English is also new to the newbies when they go to the school. The problems arise in the initial stage is called as the teething problems and specialized methodologies are needed to learn the basics.

Choose the best training center to learn French as the basic foundation is essential to clear the authorized examination. At FITA Academy we have the best trainers who are highly qualified and enter in to the FITA Academy family after a thorough examination of the teaching methodologies they apply to the students. We give paramount importance to the comfort of the students and the results shown after the trainings with FITA Academy. Our students have reached the expert level certification and the success stories are the reason for the success of FITA Academy. Join the French Classes in Anna Nagar at FITA Academy to know about the quality of training and the knowledge of the trainer. Make the learning time as an interesting time and change the impossibilities in to possibilities with the formal training of FITA Academy for the French language.


Join our French Classes in Anna Nagar and gain the complete command over the language on your preferred batches. We conduct both weekday & weekend batches to make it easier for every student to learn irrespective of time barrier.

It depends on the level you choose to start with French Classes in Anna Nagar.

At FITA Academy we offer both weekend and weekday batches you can choose either as per your convenience. Moreover, timings can be discussed with our counselors in person.

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