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DevOps is the most prevalent course for the entry into IT field in the past few years. FITA Academy offers a beneficial course for students on various domains and the predominant one is DevOps Training in Anna Nagar.

Why FITA Academy?

There are many positive aspects to join us which are mentioned below:

  • A reasonable fee for the complete course
  • Placement assistance to all of our students.
  • Well trained faculties with industrial experience.
  • Placement training is included in the course
  • FITA Academy gives you the platform to showcase your talent.
  • FITA Academy provides you with a blend of theoretical & practical experience.
  • Globally standardized syllabus to enable a student to get through any certification.

Key Features

100% Industry Oriented Programme
Industry Experts as Trainers
100% Placement Support
Globally Recognized Curriculum
More than 50,000+ Students
Complimentary Soft skills training
Resume Preparation Support
Mock Interviews
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Course Description

DevOps has a wide range of opportunity for you both within the country and abroad as well. So, your talent will not be confined within a territory. The course is developed in such a way that it gives you intense training which helps you to gather knowledge and develop your own collection. Taking up a career in DevOps gets you immense knowledge in various coding languages like Python, Java, Ruby.

The students will be trained with all the basics of DevOps. Job oriented curriculum will be an added advantage to all of our students. Devops Course in Anna Nagar will provide you with post-training support till your placements. DevOps involves analysis, experimentation and discovery which our specialized team will do perform for the students in order to provide the recent trends in the market.


It is a kind of engineering practice with Extreme programming rules. This allows multiple programmers to work on a single computer for the same design/ code.

For illustration in this, either of them acts as a driver and the other as an observer which enables the task to be completed without any error. And this also allows the programmers to exchange their role.

Pair programming enables the programmers to detect the error at the very instance which leads to the completion of error-free code at a faster rate.

Extreme Programming commonly referred to as XP is one of the most popular agile methodologies, which executes software development. XP rules are designed to focus more on customer satisfaction. It empowers developers to respond confidently to requirement changes through smaller iterations. XP emphasizes teamwork as managers, customers and developers work as equal partners in a collaborative team. Most of the companies use XP in their DevOps Journe

As TDD first starts with the test case, the quality of code is increased as there will be one or more test cases for all the functionalities.

  • Refactoring code can be done confidently.
  • Eventually, the complete code in your application is well tested; since it is constructed to address all the test cases.
  • The code turns more modular and flexible as the developer is addressing all the test cases by coding in smaller units.

The primary pillars of DevOps testing are:

  1. Embrace testing early and ensure production readiness at all times.
  2. Utilize proven technologies and patterns.
  3. Apply appropriate rigour.


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