Benefits of Robot Framework Test Automation

Robot Framework is a unique keyword-driven framework written in Python for software testing automation. You can use the robot framework without applying any code to develop the test. Each robot framework begins with a special library. After the installation process, we can proceed with test customization. Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Chennai provides you with worthy certification training.

Here in this blog, we describe the benefits of Robot Framework Test Automation. This will be helpful for students and professionals in career advancement.

Benefits of Robot Framework Test Automation:

Open-Source Framework:

It is an open-source framework with extra libraries provided by the community. In addition to the open platform’s efforts, there is the Robot Framework Foundation raises funds for the Robot Framework’s maintenance and future development through its members.

Minimal Point:

Because the Robot framework is a conventional keyword-driven framework, it simply requires basic programming expertise. In other words, practically any project team in a quality control organization can make use of it. It is highly possible to use variables, return values and functions.

Web and Mobile Support:

The Robot Framework performs on both web and mobile platforms. It helps in the development of web and mobile frameworks and gives full assistance.

Tags Usage:

Instead of tests, users can assign tags that may include any necessary data to identify the test, such as the test ID or a list of components employed in the test. This solution enables the creation of a link across tests and software requirements and also the proper vector for running a configuration test run.

Robot Framework Test Automation Online Training will enhance your technical skills in the Robot Framework platform.

High-Quality Reports:

You should not have much input when writing typical test result documents. All reports can be generated automatically, with no additional commands required.

There are alternatives for merging the outcomes of multiple test runs. The types are,

  • Log.html
  • Output.xml 
  • Report.html 

Parallel Running:

Parallel running is possible when the Robot framework and robot are used concurrently. A basic root command is an example of a preset application situation. Without a doubt, all tests should be planned for this purpose and should not conflict with one another.


As we all know, a tool is nothing more than a means to an end. As a result, the Robot framework will have both supporters and detractors. This framework offers many helpful capabilities as well as several technical issues that should be addressed shortly. Join FITA Academy‘s Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Bangalore to get the best training with the help of well-experienced trainers.

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